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December 2021

December was a busy month. 

Dr. Jacob Porter's book chapter hits the web on MSI for microbiology. He also moved onto UT Austin's MS Imaging Facility, best of luck Jacob! 

Dr. Cat McCaughey's paper hit the web on adapting MSI to Vibrio cholerae in collaboration with the Yildiz Lab! 

Congrats to rotation student Sarah on being awarded a UCSC Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL) fellowship! 

Congrats to Laura for being awarded an RCSA Scialog Award for a new collaboration with Drs. Lydia Kisley and Ronit Freeman. 


September 2021

The lab was well represented at the UCSC Chemistry and Biochemistry Department retreat! Gordon and Hannah gave their first in person talks in 18 months, and Itzel won a poster award! Way to go team!


June 2021

Kiley Cleland joins the lab as a summer ACCESS student!

Congrats to the Eustaquio lab, her team’s paper on the pseudovibriamides hits the web at Angewantde Chemie Int Ed today! We are happy to have allowed for the visualization of these different analogues of these!


March 2021

Our collaborative research with the Mandel and Moore lab hits the web at mBio! The research was featured by both UCSC and UW Madison as well as an editor pick in Science, Congrats to Katherine and Denise as the lead authors!

 Crate day! The new Bruker timsTOF flex arrives at UCSC! Looking forward to seeing the data we can gather from Thor!


Laura, Rachel and Ben sit down to have a conversation with EIC Jack Gilbert in an Editor’s in Conversation on the fermentative food microbiome, listen to it here:


November 2021

Gordon gives his first in person talk at ASMS in Philly! The lab catches up with our alumni - Drs Katherine Zink, Alanna Condren, and Jess Little at ASMS!

August 2021

Congrats to Hannah, her review we wrote with Joanna Burdette on ovarian cancer models and their compatibility with different metabolomics platforms hits the web at Molecular Omics.

We took a ride at Roaring Camps Railroad to celebrate Kiley’s last day in the lab.

Congrats to Gordon, his perspective on mass spectrometry for ovarian cancer screening hits the web at the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry today as part of the Young Investigator Feature!


May 2021

We are very excited to welcome Dr Cat McCaughey to the lab as a postdoc from the Linington lab at Simon Fraser University. She will be using our new timsTOF fleX system to image & expand on host-microbe projects.

Laura and Joanna are feature on the UIC CCTS podcast, Collaborative Endeavors on their ‘Tapping in the Pap’ project, listen here:

8_5_21-Laura Sanchez-CL-001.jpg

February 2021

 Laura is featured in an interview with JOVE in celebration of Women in Science Day, read it here:


The Paired Omics Data Platform is published in Nature Chemical Biology. Happy to have contributed a small part to this massive project, linking metabolomic and genomic data will better facilitate rapid annotations of microbial natural products.


October 2021

The lab celebrated the first Phillip Crews Symposium: Powered by Chemistry, Strengthened by Diversity.  Laura was one of the speakers along with Alegra Eroy-Reveles and Daniel Romo. 


July 2021

Congrats to Hannah for passing her qualifying exam, she is the 6th candidate to qualify for candidacy from the Sanchez Lab, well done!


April 2021

Happy to have collaborated on this paper that hit the web today at Cancers, we were able to re-mine the MS Imaging datasets on this collaborative paper with the Burdette lab, truly the gift that keeps on giving!

January 2021

The lab opens it doors at UCSC, loving the new view!

Woke up to find out our work with the Burdette lab was featured in the "Rising Stars in Proteomics and Metabolomics" at the Journal of Proteome Research! Thank you EIC John Yates III & the Editorial Board for adding our work to this list, very honored to be on the list with these fantastic scientists!


Itzel’s scientific endeavors are feature on a podcast with L@S GANAS @UIC check it out here:


Thank you to the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (JASMS) for giving me a chance to talk about our science! Very grateful to be one of the 'Faces of Mass Spectrometry'

In Brevia News


March: Congratulations to Cynthia on obtaining her Masters in Pharmacognosy. Hannah Lusk joins the lab!

April: Sanchez lab receives its NOA for an NCI R01 on ovarian cancer imaging mass spectrometry with the Burdette lab!

May: Dr Zink is the first Sanchez lab PhD! Congratulations to Dr Condren on becoming the 2nd Sanchez Lab PhD!

August: Gordon passes his qualifying exam today to advance to candidacy! His first author manuscript hit the web at the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, and he was a 2nd runner up in the Buchi Scholar program for his application note. Despite work from home, Gordon is killing it in 2020! Dr Little is the third Sanchez lab PhD! The lab welcomes Dr. Jacob Porter as a postdoctoral researcher from the Lima lab at FIU.

September: Our collaborative work with Owen Tamplin’s lab hits the web at Blood, congrats Katherine. It's official. Laura was promoted to Associate Professor and it couldn't have done it without all the trainees both past and present. 2 MS, 3 PhD, 24 manuscripts, 9 grants +2 F31s. Congrats Katherine! She got her NOA for her NIST NRC Postdoc fellowship!

November: Our collaborative work with Rachel Dutton’s lab hits the web at Nature Microbiology, congrats Jess, Emily and Manon for an amazing about of work to define bacterial fungal interactions from cheese rind derived microbes! Gordon won a UIC cancer center poster award at COP Research Day 2020, way to go Gordon!

December: The Sanchez lab packs up at UIC for the move to California



January: Melissa was awarded a MSACL 2019 US Young Investigator Educational Grant, the Al R Langerman Memorial  Scholarship at COP Research Day 2019, 1st place poster award in the Clinical, Social, and Applied Sciences Category at COP Research Day 2019, and a Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Award. 

February: Jess was awarded a T32 fellowship in PSci's 'Research Training in Natural Product Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Katherine has received both a Graduate College Student Presenters Award and a Graduate Student Council Travel Award. Jess will be recognized at the 47th Annual Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards Ceremony for her work at the Boys and Girls club. Alanna was selected to participate in ASBMB's Hill Day 2019. Gordon Luu joins the lab and was awarded a Travel Fellowship to the May Institute for Computation and statistics for mass spectrometry and proteomics. 

March: Cynthia Grim joins the lab.

April: Katherine's video protocol for our mammalian co-culture of cells with explants is published at the Journal of Visualized Experiments. Jess and Gordon's python script 'BLANKA' hit the web with the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. Alanna was awarded a presenters award at MIKIW. Our Scialog collaborative proposal with the Su Lab (University of Arizona) was selected for funding by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. 

May: Itzel was award an American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) undergraduate research award.

June: Gordon and Cynthia co-authored a review for an invited submission to FEMS Microbiology Letters. Katherine was selected to participate in the inaugural class of ASP Ambassadors. Melissa will be heading off for a 12 week internship at Genentech with Dr. Sarah Robinson as her co-mentor for the summer.

July: Alanna was selected for the David Slatkin Symposium which also came with an award. Katherine received her NOA today for her NIH NCI F31! Laura is one of Halo Cures, Inc 40 under 40 scientists in Chicago! Our invited review for the special issue 'New methods for isolation and structure determination of natural products' hits the web. Our NIGMS Equipment supplement on 3R01GM125943-02S2  was awarded. 

November: Melissa successfully defends her Masters thesis entitled 'Proximity-based mass spectrometry: direct detection and characterization of biomolecules.' Our collaborative paper with the Mandel lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was published today at the Journal of Mass Spectrometry. Leslie and Laura attend ABRCMS. Leslie presented our collaborative work with the Dutton lab as a poster in the Microbiology section. After two years of effort by a large team of international collaborators lead by the Linington lab at SFU, the Natural Products Atlas has now been published in ACS Central Science. Alanna was invited to present her research at the The Curie Symposium: Celebrating Women in Science.

December: Melissa's first author research publication hits the web at the Journal of Proteome Research! Jess received her NOA today for her NIH NCCIH F31! Gordon was selected to become a T32 fellow on the NIH NCCIH grant entitled: Research Training in Natural Product Complementary and Integrative Medicine.

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