Graduate Students

Jessica Cleary 

Pharmacognosy (Biotechnology) 

Dec 2015

Hannah Lusk 


March 2020

Gordon Luu 


March 2019



Dr. Katherine Zink, PhD 

2020 - Present

Dr. Jacob Porter, PhD 

2020 - Present 

Itzel Chamu

L@S Ganas Fellow

Jan 2018

Valentina Petukhova

Research specialist and MALDI-TOF Pro

Feb 2016

Former Members and Visitors

Fabian Trejo -  L@S Ganas undergraduate fellow (Fall 2019-Spring 2020)

Shreya Kishore -  Virtual summer student from Haverford College (Summer 2020)

Dr. Alanna Condren -  Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry (Current: Postdoc, David Sherman Lab, University of Michigan) (2016- 2020)

Cynthia Grim -  M.Sc. in Pharmacognosy (Spring 2019-Spring 2020)

Leslie Martinez -  L@S Ganas undergraduate fellow (Spring 2019-Spring 2020)

Melissa Galey -  M.Sc. in Pharmacognosy (Spring 2017-Fall 2019)

Caleb Anderson-  Pharmacognosy Rotation Student (Fall 2019)

Antonio Hernandez-  Pharmacognosy Rotation Student (Spring 2019)

Christine Mlot-  Visitor from UW Madison (Jan 2019)

Sindhu Konkapaka- Undergraduate volunteer. (Fall 2017-Spring 2018)

Abigail (Abbie) Green-Saxena- Visiting Research Assistant Professor. (Dec 2017-June 2018) 

Zade Kurdieh- Honors College student, CURA and Capstone project. (Spring 2017-Spring 2018)

Paul Boudreau, PhD-  Visitor from Harvard (February 2018)

Natalia Rivera Sanchez- UIC Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP), University of Puerto Rico Cayey (Current: Weill Cornell, Pharmacology graduate program) (Summer 2017)

Haley Williams-  Visitor from U Arizona (July 2017)

Shilpa Kolachina-  Honors College student, CURA and Capstone project. (Current: Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola) (Fall 2015- Spring 2017)

Kyle Mangano-  Pharmacognosy (Biotech) Rotation Student (Fall 2016)

Amanda Robinson- Volunteer (Summer 2016)

Sofia Angiole Cavalcante- Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (Summer 2016)

Jessica Ochoa- Visitor from UC Santa Cruz (Dec 2015)

Joe Spraker- Visitor from U Wisconsin-Madision (Dec 2015)

Tanja Florin-  Pharmacognosy (Biotech) Rotation Student (Fall 2015)

Shreya Thakkar- Undergraduate Volunteer (Fall 2015)

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